Share the Best of Your Place

Good energy for vibrant spaces

We are living in the age of the purpose driven business. The responsive motion layer of the Pivot Place Slider is an amazing way to increase engagement with local charities.

According to a survey by Deloitte, 91% of millennials prefer to buy from companies associated with a social cause. 

Now your spaces can match your purpose campaigns. Pivot – a medium for stadiums, shopping centre’s, airports, in fact any place looking to make good deeds visible.

New Era of
Retail Experience

Shopping behaviour is changing and the shopping experience needs to adapt. Experiential shopping is now more important than ever and retailing needs to reflect a sense of local value.

Consumers now want to:

  • Know the story of supply and waste chains.
  • Be able to easily donate to worthwhile campaigns. 
  • Feel part of community and hear local stories

Now a platform that responds to all these needs and more.



of consumers are more likely to shop with retailers that align to the shopper’s value system.


If you’d like to ‘Pivot your place’ or just find out more get in touch.