The most moving displays

Uniquely responsive wayfinding – WayPoint

WayPoint digital ‘fingers’ form the ultimate public space wayfinding system. Activate and direct like never before.

Synchronised motion and video integrations combine to excite with memorable displays that can be used in uniquely creative and useful ways.


A few of the benefits

Now there’s a system that is truly about the direction of your place.

Dynamic display

Multiple layers with uniquely synchronised ‘way pointers’. Direct people to the latest hourly offers or ‘point’ to upcoming daily events.

Emergency mode

Patented ‘emergency mode’ will combine with lighting and satellite display screens to create the most obvious exit strategy in emergencies.

Purpose systems

Colour, movement – and directed meaning. Local events – promoted gratis – that can be used in local centre and out-of-centre community campaigns – including schools.

Connected – centralised control system

Full control from a remote location via the cloud. Real-time updates including weather, time and other local info.

Check out the Waypoint demo!

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