Rotating Tower

The most moving displays

Dynamic digital  Rotating Tower

Do more with your space. Campaigns with movement – digital and physical. Amazing effects with lasting moments.


A few of the benefits

Revolutionary in more ways than one.


More than just colour and movement – active local campaigns that are truly head turning.

Connected to the cloud

We provide full support in real-time – with updates that include time, temp, local events and latest specials.


Proven installations in all climates around the world including airports and shopping malls.

Easily adjustable

Rotations are controlled by remote broadcast. We provide full real-time support.


9 screens within 3 or 4 layers. Top box, motion
layer and bottom base can all be set for co-ordinated activation. Customisable layers, size and footprint.


The ‘tower’ is good both indoor and out with bright screens that work in all sun conditions – and report on UV status.

Check out the Rotating Tower demo!

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